Steam & Sauna Experience


Sooth your soul with a Sauna and relieve all your stress and tension. Reduces aches and pains in your joints by removing lactic acid and refreshes your skin, keeping it clean and radiant. Recommended before or after a massage to ensure the deepest relaxation.

Relax and unwind amid clouds of steam so you are wonderfully refreshed. An excellent addition before a facial to open pores and allow our beautiful products to generate maximum effects.


Allow 30 minutes Price $59.00


Allow 30 minutes Price $59.00

Steam Enhancement

A bowl of Manuka Honey Sea Salt Exfoliant - Price $39.00

Mochaccino Lovers Delight

A non-therapist couple’s treatment with a delicious steamy difference for two. Includes a Mochaccino Scrub, Mochaccino Mud Wrap, Aromasent Body Butter and Massage Oil completed with seasonal fruit platter and dipping chocolate.
Allow 90 minutes Price $179.00

Ask your therapist to make up a special package for you and your partner in our steam today.